The building blocks of trust and connection

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Posted on 17/05/2023

How chaplains use everyday activities to do extraordinary things

In the day-to-day operations of a school, a lego robotics club, student council and big day out may seem like insignificant activities, but the reality is they are in fact extraordinary because of the common denominator between them all.

Along with pastoral conversations, YouthCARE Chaplains use everyday activities and programs to build connection within the school and a sense of belonging for students.

Kim Moore has been a chaplain at the East Kimberley College for 17 years and uses a selection of these activities to do exactly that.

“Having these staple activities creates and feeds into where the really important stuff happens - which is the one-to-one conversations. Sometimes these conversations are a product of circumstance or crisis but whether they are or not, having a connection formed will always help the person be more willing to share and make the process easier,” says Kim.

The Lego Robotics Club coached by Kim has not only made a positive difference to the school community by fulfilling the students’ social needs, it also saw the students invited to Sydney to compete in the National Tournament. At the tournament they collaborated to present a research project, competed in the robotics game and talked about the core values of their team. The students invented power generating shoes and built a greater understanding of what you can achieve with some hard work and community support.

Providing opportunities for students to socialise, learn new skills, give back to community and develop positive coping mechanisms through simple activities not only supports the wellbeing of the school community, it also creates a positive and inclusive school culture, opening the door to the extraordinary.

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