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Everyday Matters is our practical & engaging Christian Values Education program, created in WA for WA State Schools. Over the course of the program students explore key values such as kindness, compassion, resilience and leadership through games, activities, craft and Bible stories. Every session is specifically designed to address topics we know students face everyday and addresses one of the Nine Values for Australian Schooling.

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Running for just 30 minutes per week, Everyday Matters is unique in that
it’s been designed to be delivered across multiple contexts for grades one through to six. You can choose between the delivery of an in-class or lunchtime option to best suit your school.

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Everyday Matters is...
Everyday Matters aligns with the Nine Values for Australian Schooling and addresses the Western Australian Curriculum General Capabilities – Personal and Social Capabilities and Ethical Understanding.
Our program covers topics such as friendship, acceptance, resilience and courage, all from a faith perspective. We’ve created Everyday Matters to support the delivery of values education in your school.
Everyday Matters is delivered by trained and cleared volunteers who love working with kids and are  comprehensively resourced with session plans, games, activities, craft and media to deliver the program.
Free for WA State Schools

All curriculum, training, resource and program costs are covered by YouthCARE to support WA state schools.

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Steve Lockwood
Bentley Primary School Principal

Hear from some Principals

If you're considering a program where you want some really high quality people coming in supporting your students and your families, this is the one for you. Everyday Matters is a brilliant program and I would recommend it to any school.

Robert McCardle
Pingelley Primary School Principal

Hear from some Principals

I would encourage principals to look at Everyday Matters, particularly if they’re examining their values and wanting to find something that fits in really well with what they’re doing in the school. Everyday Matters aligns really well with our values.

Andrew Holmes
Forest Crescent Primary School Principal

Hear from some Principals

To any principals out there who might be looking at Christian Values Education in their school, for Forrest Crescent Primary it has been a natural fit and really promotes our values across our school community.

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