YouthCARE G.R.I.T. utilises experiential learning processes and practices, where students participate in a series of challenging activities and tasks followed by a debrief or review. The debrief or review seeks to unpack and apply lessons by following a simple yet powerful pattern of;

Challenges and activities target learning areas such as problem-solving, trust, communication, group roles, resilience, giving and receiving honest feedback, goals and strategy, social awareness, emotional awareness, leadership, and self-care. Bouncing back from apparent failure is a key learning area, where students learn that failures can guide them towards success. Students get to see firsthand the benefits of having a growth mindset. Students are encouraged to set personal goals from their learning journey.

Activity debriefing utilises a variety of creative approaches to encourage students to explore the experience, extract any discoveries or learning and apply it to their lives. Debriefing seeks to acknowledge positive and negative feelings, reactions, tensions, processes and identify skills demonstrated to solve the challenge.

Failures, setbacks and negative experiences prior to ultimate success provide a great opportunity to carefully nurture positive attitudes towards success and failure, interpersonal support and positive group practices. The learning is then related back to their own social and emotional journey.YouthCARE G.R.I.T. can be run as 10 one-hour sessions across a term or as a one or two-day intensive to support Year 6 transition to high school, general social and emotional learning, and growth for student leadership development for all ages.



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