Partnering with GIVIT to help care for those in need

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Posted on 22/05/2023

The rental crisis across Western Australia is having many negative impacts on the community, including drastically limiting the housing opportunities for families escaping domestic violence. Often needing immediate relocation, these families have complex needs when considering the wellbeing of everyone involved.

A family experiencing this hardship in their regional school community, was forced to stay within a refuge for over six months, while seeking new accommodation. This insecurity and disruption in the children’s lives had a severely negative impact on their mental health.

Thankfully, they had their YouthCARE Chaplain, who throughout their ordeal assisted in their search for a new home for them and found the family a house to call home. Starting fresh with only the belongings on their backs, the mother and her children now faced having to purchase new furniture, clothing and other essentials to furnish their home. Cue GIVIT! A wonderfully generous organisation who specialises in inspiring the community to fill real needs urgently required by those around them. GIVIT in collaboration with YouthCARE provided new beds for the kids and small household items to the family.

This partnership of generosity has made a real-life changing impact on these children, and they are so happy to have a new space for their family with warm beds and a renewed sense of home. Today the family are receiving continued support and can see hope for the future because they know that people care!

Donating what's needed empowers people to rebuild their lives after tragedy, together YouthCARE and GIVIT are committed to providing hope for families no matter the circumstances so that everyone may experience what it is to feel safe and supported.

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