Christian Values Education


At YouthCARE we are passionate about encouraging and equipping students to develop their social and life skills, create positive relationships and contribute to their community.

Our Christian Values Education (CVE) program in West Australian public schools explores values and faith, life and community. Classes are run in-class and at lunchtime to suit the needs of the school.

Programs are run by a team of volunteers who are trained, resourced and supported by YouthCARE. As guests in the school, volunteers are trained to be respectful of children and staff of all backgrounds, all faiths and those without faith.

Our in-class program is fun and inspiring, and aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn about Christian values and beliefs in a safe environment. Students are encouraged to explore their own values, beliefs, and ideas in open discussions while making lasting friendships along the way.

Treasure Hunters is the lunchtime program that creatively explores Christian values and beliefs through games, activities, Bible stories, drama, and music.

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New Curriculum Launched

You matter, we matter, and the students we work with matter. That is why our Christian Values Education team have worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the last year to create a brand new curriculum!

Everyday Matters is a fresh approach to values education, designed to support the growth and development of the whole child.

Everyday Matters was developed by YouthCARE, involving WA School Prinicpals and support by the Department of Education along the way. Created in WA for WA state schools the curriculum offers a faith perspective on life and values, along with practical ideas and strategies to support students through their everyday challenges.

Aligning with the Nine Values for Australian Schooling, Everyday Matters addresses the Western Australian Curriculum General Capabilities – Personal and Social Capabilities and Ethical Understanding. Our program has been developed by experienced educators and designers. It incorporates a range of engaging activities that enable students to reflect on their own lives, their interactions with others, and their communities. 

Everyday Matters will be delivered by volunteers who are trained and resourced by YouthCARE. Our new curriculum will support both styles of program that we deliver – Treasure Hunters (lunchtime program) and CRE (in-class Christian Religious Education). Session Information flyers for parents and carers will be available for each module.

For more information check our curriculum information pack. Everyday Matters is a growing resource so watch this space for further editions.

Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

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Classes are Run:

In state primary schools

Once a week for 30 minutes

By teams of trained volunteers

become a volunteer!

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More information

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The Treasure Hunters program aims to develop kids' understanding of values; those values that are important to our community. It builds on their resiliency and their ability to work as a team. 

If you are considering having a program run by high-quality people and supporting your students and your families then Treasure Hunters is the program for you - I would recommend it to any school.