Developing values for life in young students really matters to us

How Christian Values Education (CVE) benefits school communities

Supporting young students through their every day challenges builds resilience, enables leadership, encourages thankfulness and much more. In fact, these values help shape lives and enhance the support of wellbeing for children and the wider school community.

Values that build confidence, respect for others and self, as well as those that help develop and strengthen interpersonal skills and relationships help create brighter futures which is why YouthCARE invests in Christian Values Education.


Fun and inspiring CVE programs are available in two formats, tailored to your needs

Christian Values Education (CVE) is a program run by YouthCARE in West Australian public schools that explores values from a faith perspective. Our goal is to support kids as they explore values and beliefs from a faith perspective, through lessons involving games, drama and activities.


5 ways CVE benefits schools and their students

To best support each school’s specific needs, CVE is delivered in 2 formats: Lunch Time and Class Time for 30 minutes, once a week and is offered free of charge to state Primary Schools.

CVE is a valuable addition to primary schools’ support of wellbeing in their community and here at YouthCARE, we are proud to offer a program that:

  1. Aligns with the 9 values for Australian Schooling

  2. Enables students to reflect on their own lives, their interactions with others and their communities

  3. Leverages a breadth of trusted and authoritative sources – The Christian Values Education program uses curriculum called ‘Everyday Matters’ developed by YouthCARE, involving WA School Principals and support by the Department of Education

  4. Addresses the Western Australian Curriculum General Capabilities – Personal and Social Capabilities and Ethical Understanding

  5. Benefits from developmental inputs from experienced educators and designers

Call 08 9376 5000 or email about how your school can benefit from CVE every day.


How we can support your school community

Supporting your school community with programs aimed at establishing and enhancing wellbeing through values education needs to be simple. That’s why our dedicated Christian Values Education Field Officers provide all the support required to successfully implement this program in your school.

Keeping it simple means:

Interested in bringing our CVE program to your school? Great.
Call 08 9376 5000 or email to speak to a CVE Field Officer to arrange this program.



Every day matters to the young students that derive so much benefit from our programs – and that’s so important to us and perhaps you feel the same way. That is why YouthCARE provides opportunities for volunteers to engage with meaningful work through our Christian Values Education program. 

If you are passionate about teaching children lifelong values whilst broadening their understanding of the Christian faith, we would love to hear from you!

Here’s what YouthCARE can do for you

YouthCARE will train you, equip you and provide ongoing support throughout your volunteering journey. And all you need to volunteer is:



Everyday Matters is a fresh approach to values education, designed to support the growth and development of the whole child. Created in WA for WA state schools our curriculum offers a faith perspective on life and values, along with practical ideas and strategies to support students through their everyday challenges. 

Everyday Matters is currently being delivered by volunteers who are trained and resourced by YouthCARE. Our new curriculum will support both styles of program that we deliver – Lunch Time or in Class Time. Session information flyers for parents and carers are available. 

Call 08 9376 5000 or email about how your school can benefit from CVE every day.

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