Open to Primary and Secondary Schools
Great Prizes
Finalists and winners will be announced and presented at the Governor's Ballroom


YouthCARE is WA’s leading provider of chaplaincy and values education programs

For 50 years, YouthCARE has been a part of creating positive school communities. Students are empowered and encouraged to be the best they can be, and live healthy and happy lives. We aim to provide hope for young peoples’ futures by helping them achieve their best at school, create positive relationships and contribute to their community. Together, we are all building a brighter future for WA.


National School Chaplaincy Association supported in our nation’s capital

YouthCARE is widely renowned for its active and practical support on the ground through building and strengthening local community...

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YouthCARE Council Helps Make Camp a Reality

In a heart warming display of community solidarity, the YCC reached out to their network of churches to lend their unwavering support to...

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The Two Pauls (Part Two)

For two YouthCARE Chaplains, a “normal chaplaincy run” covers an area of 220,000 km2 or roughly the size of England. Paul Marais and Paul White...

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The Governor's Chaplaincy Awards

The Governor, His Excellency the Honourable Chris Dawson AC APM and Mrs Dawson attended the inaugural Governor’s Chaplaincy Awards held as part of...

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