What matters most to students? Let’s start with acceptance

    What matters most to students? Let’s start with acceptance

    Delivering valuable treasure for young Treasure Hunters

    Building up young students to help them navigate the world they live in is a task that requires many hands and willing hearts.  Treasure Hunters is a popular voluntary lunchtime program that schools can request we run for students with carer permissions, that focuses on Christian Values Education.

    Trained local YouthCARE volunteers from the community run the 30-minute lunchtime sessions and recently we received a request from Illawarra Primary to run the program as they see tremendous value in it. We accepted and drew on our pool of qualified volunteers to guide the 30+ students through the “You Matter” module featuring a session on acceptance.

    Acceptance matters every day, at every age and every stage

    Illawarra Primary School, whose values include respect and acceptance of self, saw the Treasure Hunters program as incredibly valuable to their school. They understand that no matter who you are, values and values education are indeed an important part of the learning journey, and discussions on what it feels like to experience acceptance and identify ways they can demonstrate acceptance to others, prove helpful.

    Our “Everyday Matters” curriculum offers many such modules and sessions, and if your school is interested in running our Christian Values Education program, we encourage you to contact us directly or learn more from the Values Education page of our website.

    Everyday facts that matter

    Everyday Matters offers a faith perspective on life and values, along with practical ideas and strategies to support students through their everyday challenges.

    Aligning with the Nine Values for Australian Schooling, Everyday Matters addresses the Western Australian Curriculum General Capabilities – Personal and Social Capabilities and Ethical Understanding.

    The Treasure Hunters program uses the Everyday Matters curriculum to incorporate a range of engaging activities that enable students to reflect on their own lives, their interactions with others, and their communities.

    YouthCARE partners with local schools to teach Christian values consistent with the WA Department of Education Curriculum. It exists to help students develop interpersonal skills and a greater awareness of the world around them and is delivered by volunteers who are trained and resourced by YouthCARE.