The Queen of Common Sense

    Maggie Dent, often referred to as the “Queen of Common Sense”, is one of Australia’s most loved parenting educators. She is the author of eleven books, with a healthy, common-sense approach to raising children, strengthening families and communities.

    In July, Maggie was the guest speaker at an event held by the  Bunbury Regional YouthCARE Council.

    Her presentation, “Real Kids in an Unreal World: Building resilience and self esteem in today’s children” was well received by the over 500 people in attendance – a full house!

    David Cunniffe, YouthCARE Area Chaplain said, “It was a very enthusiastic crowd that gathered; a mix of teachers, chaplains and parents from the wider community. Feedback after the event indicated that Maggie’s message was both helpful and insightful – people appreciated her sense of humour that came out through the evening.” 

    YouthCARE chaplains’ pastoral care often extends beyond the student into the local school community. They help families by providing support and connecting them to external agencies and community organisations if necessary.

    “Chaplains speak into the lives of students and parents and have the opportunity to be a non-anxious presence in an anxious world. Chaplains speak with guidance and encouragement,” said David. 

    The event raised over $4,500 for chaplaincy in the Bunbury area.