Teacher appreciation day in words, music and giant Connect 4 battles

Teacher appreciation day in words, music and giant Connect 4 battles

Landsdale Primary School scores 98five out of 100 on the Free Coffee Friday fun scale

Teachers love coffee and kids love fun, and we love radio station 98five, the home of family friendly drive time chat with Kirste and Dan. YouthCARE Chaplain, Michelle Bispo helped bring it all together for Teacher Appreciation Day on 28 October with Free Coffee Friday.

The world over, teachers were being lauded for their dedication in guiding students along their education journey and at Lansdale Primary School, parents, staff and students celebrated with games, quizzes, prizes, activities and cheering… lots and LOTS of cheering. No doubt some of the that cheering was from the adults enjoying free coffee while watching the epic radio DJs versus YouthCARE staff table tennis battle but the real action happened during the on-air Q&As.

Michelle, along with students Amity and Peter performed beautifully, covering topics as far reaching as wellness programs, friendships, 4km runs for charity and of course, favourite teachers – controversial!

Dux versus Ducks

But it wasn’t just the students that were loud and live during Free Coffee Friday, one inquisitive duck was soon joined by his feathered friends leading Dan to gleefully declare that he was speaking with the dux of the school. Wrong ducks, Dan.

At the end of the day, the much appreciated teachers were the winners and their prize? A morning teaching students they knew beyond a doubt, that they were well and truly appreciated.