A growing community starts with a growing community

A growing community starts with a growing community

City Beach Chaplain plants the seeds of cooperation just in time for spring

While technology has made it easier than ever to conquer distance and connect with people online, it takes some effort and creativity to bring people together, face to face for fun and community. YouthCARE Chaplain Nicola Harvey recently created a Gardening Club at City Beach Primary School to build relationships between the students and the wider school community.

Residents neighbouring the school have welcomed the project with open arms, contributing to its success by dropping off pots and compost to the school for students to use.

“Through the Gardening Club Nikki has fostered a great space for students, parents, staff and neighbours to build healthy, collaborative relationships,” says Area Chaplain Natasha Reynolds.

So far, the project has taught students the importance of healthy eating and cooperation as they work together to grow a thriving garden. More importantly, they are demonstrating the value of giving back to the community, literally sharing the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour.

So, amid the blooming spring flowers, the sound of birds chirping and the gentle hum of conversations in the garden, the students at City Beach spend some of their mornings growing and produce and community in the newly created Garden Club.

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