Morning tea with our MLA, David Michael

Morning tea with our MLA, David Michael

Sharing news and exploring opportunities in our local school communities

Having the ear of those in office that are eager to initiate positive change within their communities is of great benefit to chaplaincy services and those dedicated to delivering them.

On Friday morning Janine Rule, YouthCARE Area Chaplain accepted an invitation to meet with David Michael, MLA, along with YouthCARE Chaplains Gwynneth Bishop (Takari Primary School), Merrilee Wong (Balcatta Senior High School) and Marlene Kruger (West Balcatta Primary School) over morning tea. With a history of advocating for and championing works and upgrades to schools and facilities, David was keen to hear about the emerging trends and issues our chaplains address as well as better understanding the effectiveness of our services and support for students.

Expecting only a few minutes of David’s time, Gwynneth, Merrilee and Marlene were invited to share their backgrounds and observations of the student experience at their respective schools. That was not the case, as David discussed, in depth, his observations of school communities and welcomed further discussion on YouthCARE, its people and its value.

Having lived locally for his entire life, David is an avid supporter of the community as a whole and we were heartened that he wholeheartedly supported our ethos of respect, compassion and service for all.