Primary School Students Knit for the Homeless

The students at Collier Primary School have been busy knitting scarves with their chaplain over the last couple of months to keep the homeless warm in winter.

Every child involved in the lunch time project was challenged to create and donate a scarf of their own, with many students creating more than one.

It was a great character-building exercise for the students to explore various character strengths, including how to demonstrate mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion.

“Character strength education is a key part of Grow Your Mind, which Collier Primary School uses as a whole school wellbeing program for students, teachers and families,” said Chaplain Meng Chan.

The Grow Your Mind program has been run at the school for many years and positively impacts the way students think, feel and behave in their communities.

The knitting project perfectly demonstrated to students how you can be mindful and compassionate towards others in their community.

The wool for the scarves was generously donated by the Como Rotary Club, who will be distributing the scarves to the homeless on behalf of the students.

“Collier Primary School is proud to present the students’ handmade scarves to the Como Rotary for giving away to the homeless,” said Mrs Chan.

In total, the students donated 17 French knit scarves.