Lego League at East Kimberley College

    In 2018 YouthCARE chaplain Kim started the Lego League Club at East Kimberley College.

    "We had a new student who was grieving the loss of their dad and had just moved to our school. They had competed in the Lego League at their previous school so I wanted to start up the club to support them," said Kim.

    Kim got together with the schools' Digital Technologies teacher to start the club. The Lego Leauge is a STEM based program that consists of programming Lego Mindstorm robots to complete challenges, research projects where students are asked to solve real-world problems, and Core Values challenges where students are challenged to build social skills with their team.

    In 2018 a team of six students travelled to the Northern Territory to compete in a regional tournament which they won, putting them through to the finals in Sydney. The following year, the team grew to 11 students where they also placed in the finals in Sydney.

    "This year we have 13 students who meet regularly each week to prepare for the regional tournament. We go through problem-solving, programming, and engineering skills," said Kim.

    "I love that through this program offers so much, our students have become more connected to each other, more confident in public speaking, and have become great problem solvers. The bonus has been that we have had these great opportunities to take students from a small town in the Kimberley to experience a big city like Sydney and mix with like-minded students from all over Australia, they will never forget these experiences," said Kim.