Legacy Builders

    Legacy Builders

    YouthCARE chaplain Kim designed a club called Legacy Builders at East Kimberley College. The club encourages students in years 9 and 10 to consider the idea of what they will leave behind at the school.

    As the college is kindergarten to year 12 the club gives high school students the ideal opportunity to be able to connect and build relationships with primary aged students and equip them for high school.

    ” In Term 1 the Legacy Builders chose to focus on year one and we spent the term running games for year one students, where the high school students would introduce the activity explain the rules and then play it with the year one students,” said Kim.

    ” In term 2 the group chose pre-primary and visited classes where we designed and ran games and activities around the fairytale theme which the classes were working through each week. Each week the high school students would work with a small group of pre-primary students, learning their names and developing relationships.

    “Now when the pre-primary and year 1 students see the high schoolers around school or in the community they say hello, call out to them and are really proud to know a “big kid”,” said Kim.

    The high school college students have enjoyed taking on new responsibilities and learning public speaking skills and team building.

    “Our aim is that the legacy we leave behind for the younger students will be the fun times when high school students took the time to come and get to the know the younger students,” said Kim.

    Long term, the aim is for these primary students to become Legacy Builders themselves once entering high school; Creating an on-going positive school community.