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Christian Religious Education

Christian Religious Education (CRE) supports the Australian Curriculum and informs students about the place of shared values in multicultural Australia. YouthCARE provides this to Western Australian primary schools.

YouthCARE CRE provides students the opportunity to learn about Christian beliefs and values which have shaped Australian culture. Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney says: "A basic knowledge of the Bible is an essential part of the toolkit of any educated person." In addition to exploring the nature of God and informing about Jesus, YouthCARE CRE consolidates what is taught in the classroom, supporting school values such as compassion, integrity and inclusion.

Primary school principals say there are great benefits to having CRE in schools:

“CRE provides an opportunity for students to engage in a range of learning through stories and gain a deeper understanding of the values that underpin those stories… and supports values and virtues programs taught in our school.”
“CRE addresses two areas of the curriculum - personal and social capabilities, including self and social awareness and ethical understanding, including making ethical decisions, considering consequences and exploring rights and responsibilities.”

CRE volunteers are trained and accredited by qualified educators. They are also registered with the Department of Education and work separately to chaplains. Through YouthCARE CRE, students get the best possible opportunity to explore their own values, beliefs and ideas.

If you would like to become a CRE Volunteer, please click here to fill out and submit an application form.