Highway Heroes at Balga Primary School

    YouthCARE chaplain Di has started running the Highway Heroes program at Balga Primary School to help improve students’ behavioural, emotional and social skills.

    “We wanted to look at a whole-school program that covers something that aligns with curriculum and provided social and emotional skills to students,” said Di.

    The program equips students to identify if an issue can be dealt with themselves and gives them the steps to do so.

    One part of the program which has permeated the school is the ‘Six Steps Stick Up for Me’. These six steps target bullying and help students to build confidence in addressing a bully.

    Students at Balga Primary School showing The Six Steps; Stick Up for Me

    “The Six Steps help our students to stand up for themselves and each other by learning to be resilient and identifying when they need an adult.

    “It makes it so much easier when everyone is on the same page and by the whole school participating in this program we are able to reinforce what is learned each week,” said Di.

    The program is very interactive for students and staff and sees participants acting out different scenarios and learning how to deal with situations.

    “The key to the program is repetition. We keep parents informed about what is taught each week so they can reinforce the skills at home. We can definitely see that students have benefitted from the program with how they interact with each other on the playground,” said Di.