Growing Connections at Perenjori Primary School

    Growing Connections at Perenjori Primary School

    Two hours south-east of Geraldton lies a town called Perenjori where YouthCARE chaplain Robin has started in her role in the local primary school.

    Looking for a way to get to know the students, Robin planted some vegetables with some of the students around the school grounds.

    “The school already had some garden beds that weren’t in use, and I had seedlings and seeds from my home garden that I could bring in! A few community members also donated seedlings for me to use!” said Robin.

    “I mentioned to some of the students about the garden and if they would like to help. At recess and lunch, the students saw what I was doing and came and helped with the planting and watering. Now the students check and water even on the days I’m not at school!” said Robin.

    The gardens have created a conversation starter for Robin to chat with the students in a casual setting. She has a place to bring students who might need some downtime and distraction from what is going on in their lives.

    “This year we grew peas, spinach, kale, turnips, lettuce, and a cherry tomato. The students pick the peas and eat them fresh.

    “The turnips were made into turnip soup which we made in the K/PP class along with damper. Their class had a theme for the week from the book “The Gigantic Turnip” It was so much fun to cook with the kids and talk around the table with them as we prepared and enjoyed the soup.”

    As the garden has been so successful, the P&C has purchased three more garden beds, tools, and equipment for Robin to use and set up with the student’s next term.