CVE Profile: Robyn Best

    How long have you been a volunteer? 

    Soon after retiring in January 2017, the Lord opened up an opportunity for me with CVE and this will be my third year assisting Melanie Davey at Takari Primary School in Stirling.  

    What’s the best thing about being a Treasure Hunters volunteer?

    It brings me such joy to see children wanting to know about Christian values through the CVE program. Then to see the fruit it produces in their young lives is a delight.  

    During the term, Melanie has a point system whereby the children can earn points for attending, answering questions, respectful behaviour etc. At the end of the term they are invited to choose a small prize with the points they have acquired.  

    What does your ideal weekend look like?

    My ideal weekend includes church, to praise and hear the bible expounded with brothers and sisters in Christ. To spend time with family and friends.