Chaplaincy across the state, Natasha has seen it all!

    Chaplaincy across the state, Natasha has seen it all!

    Natasha has been a YouthCARE chaplain since 2011 and in that time has been in a remote school in the Kimberley, down to her new role in Dalyellup and a few schools in between!

    “I started in Geraldton in a Junior High school called John Willcock College, then went to two primary schools in Perth (Girrawheen and Bayswater), then we relocated up to Halls Creek for three years where I was the first-ever chaplain at Halls Creek District High School and had my first baby! Now I’m down here at Dalyellup College with my family,” said Natasha.

    Natasha loves being a school chaplain and has seen first-hand the positive impact YouthCARE chaplains have in school communities.

    “I believe greatly in the work of YouthCARE and chaplaincy. My social conscience has grown, especially after living in Halls Creek, and I have a strong conviction to serve our communities. It’s honestly one of the most rewarding roles! ” she said.

    “I love that every day is different. I love that the impact and reach goes beyond the students to teachers, staff and parents, and I really love that I have a daily opportunity to meet the needs of these students.

    “Every day I think, “How can I help you?” With breakfast? Lunch? A listening ear? A fun handshake in the foyer? Big or small, I get to share some love every day. I also love that I get to be a trusted adult to many students who don’t have a safe adult to talk to, bounce ideas off, share worries with, or be positively influenced by!” she said.

    Natasha and her husband have travelled all over WA and even the world! They’ve seen first-hand how different communities and demographics live and has seen how important chaplaincy is in both metropolitan and remote locations.

    “Chaplaincy is so important. Chaplaincy brings support, joy, light into a school. Chaplains feed, facilitate incredible programs for the well-being and mental health of students and refer countless students to the right external agencies for whole family support.

    “Chaplaincy has required me to be adaptive and change things up depending on the needs of the school as well as providing consistency and continual service to the whole school community,” said Natasha.