Chaplain connecting the dots at Pannawonica Primary School

    Chaplain connecting the dots at Pannawonica Primary School

    Anne has been a chaplain at Pannawonica Primary School for just one year but in that time has had an incredible impact on the lives of students, staff, and parents in the community.

    One of the first things Anne decided to do in the school was a resilience dot mural as part of her introduction to the school and making connections with students.

    “I based the activity on the Peter Reynolds storybook, “the Dot”, which tells the story of a girl who begins a journey of self-discovery after a caring teacher challenges her to make her mark.

    Chaplain Anne reading The Dot to students

    “I leveraged the concept to encourage students to be brave enough to make their mark when facing challenges academically, socially, physically or culturally,” said Anne.

    Each student and staff member decorated a dot which Anne then turned into a school mural.

    “All students and staff made their dot, creating a whole-school dot mural that represents our school’s OHANA family culture, where nobody is left behind or forgotten… and where everybody has the opportunity to make their mark,” said Anne.

    Teacher and student completing their “dots”

    The mural is now hung in the school as a constant reminder that everyone is valued.

    The mural helped Anne establish relationships within the school and she still has students approach her and refer back to the lesson they learned and the story she told.

    Chaplain Anne and CEO Stanley at the dot mural