Oz Harvest Hampers at Bambara Primary School

Oz Harvest Hampers at Bambara Primary School

Every Tuesday at Bambara Primary School in Padbury, YouthCARE chaplain Sylvia receives donated goods from Woolworths and Aldi through Oz Harvest.

“Once the food is delivered, we make up hampers for families in tough financial circumstances. All hampers have a variety of foods, depending on what is available, varying with dairy, fresh produce and frozen meals,” said Sylvia.

Recipient families are chosen each week by the Principal Linda and they are very appreciative of the support from the school.

“We have one single parent with four children at the school who was very grateful for the hamper. Since receiving her own, she now helps us identify more families in need in the school and even helps us deliver hampers in the community!” said Sylvia.

“Every week I receive heartfelt thank you’s from families. Oz Harvest have been a blessing to so many families.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of the giving, it has made me more aware of the hardships so many were facing, financially and emotionally,” said Sylvia.

Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders

YouthCARE chaplain Kim designed a club called Legacy Builders at East Kimberley College. The club encourages students in years 9 and 10 to consider the idea of what they will leave behind at the school.

As the college is kindergarten to year 12 the club gives high school students the ideal opportunity to be able to connect and build relationships with primary aged students and equip them for high school.

” In Term 1 the Legacy Builders chose to focus on year one and we spent the term running games for year one students, where the high school students would introduce the activity explain the rules and then play it with the year one students,” said Kim.

” In term 2 the group chose pre-primary and visited classes where we designed and ran games and activities around the fairytale theme which the classes were working through each week. Each week the high school students would work with a small group of pre-primary students, learning their names and developing relationships.

“Now when the pre-primary and year 1 students see the high schoolers around school or in the community they say hello, call out to them and are really proud to know a “big kid”,” said Kim.

The high school college students have enjoyed taking on new responsibilities and learning public speaking skills and team building.

“Our aim is that the legacy we leave behind for the younger students will be the fun times when high school students took the time to come and get to the know the younger students,” said Kim.

Long term, the aim is for these primary students to become Legacy Builders themselves once entering high school; Creating an on-going positive school community.

BUZ at Halls Creek District High School

BUZ at Halls Creek District High School

YouthCARE chaplain Jerome has been running the BUZ program at Halls Creek District High School and seeing a positive impact between students at the school.

BUZ (Build Up Zone) is an initiative run in schools that develop life skills in students through activities addressing conflict resolution, protective behaviours, self-esteem, peer relationships, and much more.

“We run the sessions in six different primary classes! We began the term by discussing strengths and what things make us strong on the inside like being kind, patient, sharing etc.” said Jerome

Jerome has seen huge changes in in-class interactions with students and has had positive feedback from staff and parents on the impact it is having with individual students.

“An Education Assistant from a class where we do BUZ came to me and said how a student had approached a new student unprompted and introduced themselves. This student is aways friendly but wouldn’t usually have the accompanying language tools (before doing BUZ) to support it,” said Jerome.

Classes are currently learning about emotions and what to do when they have “big feelings”. Through using the “Bear Feeling Cards” (pictured) students sort out what feelings match different emotions and how to act for each type.

Lego League at East Kimberley College

In 2018 YouthCARE chaplain Kim started the Lego League Club at East Kimberley College.

"We had a new student who was grieving the loss of their dad and had just moved to our school. They had competed in the Lego League at their previous school so I wanted to start up the club to support them," said Kim.

Kim got together with the schools' Digital Technologies teacher to start the club. The Lego Leauge is a STEM based program that consists of programming Lego Mindstorm robots to complete challenges, research projects where students are asked to solve real-world problems, and Core Values challenges where students are challenged to build social skills with their team.

In 2018 a team of six students travelled to the Northern Territory to compete in a regional tournament which they won, putting them through to the finals in Sydney. The following year, the team grew to 11 students where they also placed in the finals in Sydney.

"This year we have 13 students who meet regularly each week to prepare for the regional tournament. We go through problem-solving, programming, and engineering skills," said Kim.

"I love that through this program offers so much, our students have become more connected to each other, more confident in public speaking, and have become great problem solvers. The bonus has been that we have had these great opportunities to take students from a small town in the Kimberley to experience a big city like Sydney and mix with like-minded students from all over Australia, they will never forget these experiences," said Kim.

Food Hampers helping families in time of need

When Nathan, the YouthCARE chaplain at Ardross and Kardinya Primary School's, heard more and more stories of families doing it tough during the Covid-19 pandemic, he knew he had to step in and do something.

He put a call out to local churches, asking if they had food resources to donate, hoping to make up a few food hampers for families in his school.
He was inundated with frozen meals, non-perishable foods and toilet rolls!

Working with some other YouthCARE chaplains, they set to work creating food hampers. 

Chaplain Nathan dropping off hampers to a local school!

"Some families were very stretched by the time we delivered hampers, so they were very relieved and thankful for the support! I can't imagine what it would be like to have nothing in the pantry or the wallet and have a house full of hungry people!" said Nathan.

They were able to help over four school communities with hampers and even have local churches now providing long term support to local families.


Rockingham Beach Breakfast Club Donation!

Today Rockingham Beach Primary School received a generous donation of a six slice toaster from Rotary Club Rockingham for their weekly Breakfast Club! Staff and students are very thankful for the donation and excited to get toasting! Breakfast Club is a valued program at the school that continues to provided breakfast for students in need as well as giving year 6’s responsibility in being a “Breakfast Club Helper”.

“Thanks to Rotary; having this new toaster, the students spend less time waiting for toast as we can pump out more in the limited time frame we have,” said YouthCARE chaplain Mel!

Breakfast Clubs are an important program run in hundreds of WA state schools. They provide a much needed meal for many students and have shown to significantly increase concentration in the classroom. The program also gives YouthCARE chaplains an opportunity to build relationships with students outside of the classroom, in a less formal setting.

A Message from the CEO

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Over the last few weeks, there have been various announcements that have changed the way we live out our lives in public and in our workplaces. 

The continuation of schools has brought with it significant challenges and stresses for all involved, either directly or indirectly, in school communities. YouthCARE’s school chaplains have had to continue their front-line role of supporting our school communities. There is no doubt that their work has had to change, adapt and expand to better support school staff, students and families.

YouthCARE has been working closely with the Department of Education to ensure that its chaplains are still able to offer their support to families and students who are not at schools, through other approved means. We will continue to adapt to the changing scenarios as matters relating to COVID-19 play out in the coming days.

ALL YouthCARE chaplains and Area Chaplains throughout WA have continued to provide their service with the greatest level of commitment to their school community, including a small number who are working from home due to health concerns. 

All other services including Christian Values Education have been suspended for the time being.

We are so proud of the way our chaplains have gone about their roles in an unassuming and sensitive manner to ensure that anyone who may be feeling vulnerable at this time is given the necessary support or referrals.

Your prayer support for all involved with YouthCARE is appreciated and valued.


Stanley Jeyaraj