Therapy Dogs in Ellenbrook

Jennifer Hawker (chaplain) and Toby (therapy dog), Mandy Dilabio (chaplain) and Bella, Luan Cryne (chaplain) and Leena, Matthew Johnston (chaplain) and Comet, Noelene Mercer (chaplain), Laura Miller (chaplain).

If you’re in the Ellenbrook area, don’t be surprised to see the wagging of a tail in the school corridor.  Therapy Dog programs are going to be launched in seven schools in the area this year. 

The programs started with school chaplain Mandy and her dog Bella, followed by chaplains Jennifer, Luan and Matt with their dogs Toby, Leena and Comet. 

“Not just any dog can be a Therapy Dog; we have to go through a five-day intensive training program with them where we’re taught what is expected of the dog and how to handle different situations. We need to make sure students are safe and our dogs are friendly and approachable,” said Mandy.

 The schools have welcomed their new furry friends and chaplains can’t wait to use them as they deliver pastoral care to students and staff.

“I’ve seen how a therapy dog has an ability to break down walls with students that we sometimes can’t do on our own. They’re like a magnet and students want to approach us! The dogs help us connect with students and have those difficult conversations,” said Jennifer.

Message from the CEO

What a start to 2018 it has been! We hit the ground running in January with our biggest ever Chaplaincy Formation: The Light on the Hill.

The feedback assures us that our chaplains felt valued by the encouragement they received during the program for their unique roles in school communities.

Our Christian Values Education started the year very strongly, with a couple of major events. The first one, the annual Passing the Baton Conference, held at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and sponsored by YouthCARE, was attended by many of our CVE volunteers.

I found it particularly inspiring given the long distances some our regional volunteers travelled to attend. Such commitment is why CVE continues to have a positive reputation in our communities.

In our first Connect of the year, we welcome the publication of a very special book and our Breakfast Clubs get some extra attention from the media.

I thank you all for your continued support and prayer and look forward to hearing and sharing more stories about the wonderful work YouthCARE is doing in WA school communities in the coming year.

Stanley Jeyaraj – CEO