BUZ at Halls Creek District High School

    BUZ at Halls Creek District High School

    YouthCARE chaplain Jerome has been running the BUZ program at Halls Creek District High School and seeing a positive impact between students at the school.

    BUZ (Build Up Zone) is an initiative run in schools that develop life skills in students through activities addressing conflict resolution, protective behaviours, self-esteem, peer relationships, and much more.

    “We run the sessions in six different primary classes! We began the term by discussing strengths and what things make us strong on the inside like being kind, patient, sharing etc.” said Jerome

    Jerome has seen huge changes in in-class interactions with students and has had positive feedback from staff and parents on the impact it is having with individual students.

    “An Education Assistant from a class where we do BUZ came to me and said how a student had approached a new student unprompted and introduced themselves. This student is aways friendly but wouldn’t usually have the accompanying language tools (before doing BUZ) to support it,” said Jerome.

    Classes are currently learning about emotions and what to do when they have “big feelings”. Through using the “Bear Feeling Cards” (pictured) students sort out what feelings match different emotions and how to act for each type.