Building connections with parents

    One of the many roles of a YouthCARE chaplain is caring for families as well as the students.

    Chaplain Margaret Marriott has been running the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Teen Seminar series for Coastal Lakes College parents. Parents from nearby feeder schools have been invited to participate as well. 

    The program targets everyday concerns, such as how to encourage responsible behaviour, improve family relationships, deal with independence or manage problems at school or with friends.

    “I’ve seen Triple P impact the confidence of the parents, giving them a place to start and to help each other.  This grows the community and reminds parents they are doing a hard job but a good job!” said Margaret. 

    Other YouthCARE chaplains who have run the program in their schools say they feel better connected with parents and are seen as allies in the journey. 

    Margaret said, “Chaplains are uniquely placed to span the divide and engage between school, home and community.”