Breakfast Club at West Coast Secondary Ed Support Centre

    The 8.20am school bus arrives to drop students at West Coast Secondary Ed Support Centre in Warwick and there is a rush for who can get to Breakfast Club first.

    YouthCARE chaplain Raissa is running the Breakfast Club for the third year, providing breakfast foods from cereal and yogurt to pancakes and toasted sandwiches to anyone who needs it.

    “Food is social and at breakfast club, I can create repour with students and staff effectively, building positive relationships in a safe and informal environment.

    “Being an Ed Support, our conversations with students often look different and are more based around social skills. The great thing about the breakfast club is that students choose to come to me and eat. I’m not coming into their space which can be daunting for some,” says Raissa.

    School Principal Joanne Kriziotis said, “We’ve seen a huge increase in concentration and emotional regulation from students since starting the Breakfast Club. Positive relationships have developed between students and staff and its a great way for us to all start the day in a positive way.”

    Raissa believes that the consistency of Breakfast Club is vital for many of the students.

    “We consistently have Breakfast Club three times a week since it started. The routine of this is important for many of our students and it helps me build on relationships in remembering what I’ve spoken with students about previously and checking in on them again.”