Breakfast Club at Koorana Primary School creates a positive school community

    For over a year, YouthCARE chaplain Belinda has been running Breakfast Club at Koorana Primary School and has since seen a huge change in the school community.

    Students who had previously been late to school, are now arriving early to engage with other students and have a good meal before starting the day.

    “For some students, the transition from home to school can be tough. Some of our students come from stressful home lives and it can be hard for them to get into school mode. Breakfast Club has helped students get excited for the school day and all start together,” said Belinda.

    Koorana Primary School also has an Educational Support Centre where students are also invited to participate in Breakfast Club.

    Students being served fresh fruit, vegemite toast and spaghetti on toast!

    “We have lots of students come to Breakfast Club from our Educational Support Centre. It’s been a great way for students to integrate in with each other,” said Belinda.

    Breakfast Club at Koorana has been provided a great opportunity to engage with the large community.

    Food for the club is donated by the P and C, Coles Warnbro, Second Bite, and Foodbank.

    “We rely heavily on the generous support of local organisations to keep Breakfast Club running. I also have a lot of parent support in setting up and serving and it’s been a great way to open lines of communication with them,” said Belinda.