A Message from the CEO

    Dear Supporters and Friends,

    Over the last few weeks, there have been various announcements that have changed the way we live out our lives in public and in our workplaces. 

    The continuation of schools has brought with it significant challenges and stresses for all involved, either directly or indirectly, in school communities. YouthCARE’s school chaplains have had to continue their front-line role of supporting our school communities. There is no doubt that their work has had to change, adapt and expand to better support school staff, students and families.

    YouthCARE has been working closely with the Department of Education to ensure that its chaplains are still able to offer their support to families and students who are not at schools, through other approved means. We will continue to adapt to the changing scenarios as matters relating to COVID-19 play out in the coming days.

    ALL YouthCARE chaplains and Area Chaplains throughout WA have continued to provide their service with the greatest level of commitment to their school community, including a small number who are working from home due to health concerns. 

    All other services including Christian Values Education have been suspended for the time being.

    We are so proud of the way our chaplains have gone about their roles in an unassuming and sensitive manner to ensure that anyone who may be feeling vulnerable at this time is given the necessary support or referrals.

    Your prayer support for all involved with YouthCARE is appreciated and valued.


    Stanley Jeyaraj

    YouthCARE CEO