Politicians stress the importance of chaplaincy

    Despite being aligned on opposite sides of politics, Mandurah’s Labor MLA David Templeman and Dawesville’s Liberal MP Zak Kirkup were united on the steps of Parliament House in their support of school chaplaincy.

    The pair jointly hosted 12 YouthCARE chaplains and volunteers from their respective electorates for a private lunch at Parliament House. Mr Templeman said they wanted to honour the fabulous work chaplains do in their local community.

    “The chaplains are playing a crucial role in our schools in the Mandurah and Peel area, they are magnificent supporters of the children, staff and families of the schools they work in,” he said. “I know first-hand the impact they are having on lots and lots of kids in my schools and for me they are an integral part of the staff.”

    Mr Kirkup also expressed his strong support for school chaplaincy.

    “That’s the beauty in Mandurah – David and I both recognise the importance of chaplaincy,” he said. “We put community before politics and that’s the most important thing. More than ever, there is a reliance on making sure our community has a robust and well-funded chaplaincy program in as many schools as possible.”

    During the lunch, chaplains were able to share about the needs and concerns in school communities 

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