Blast from the Past: Gift wrapping team at Kingsway Shopping Centre

This top photo shows (from left to right) Libby D’Cruz, Judite Grenfeld and Diane Stephenson at Kingsway Shopping Centre in 2009. The ladies wrapped Christmas presents for a gold coin donation towards YouthCARE.
Fast forward 10 years and the same three ladies are still wrapping gifts each Christmas season at Kingsway Shopping Centre! They’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars towards chaplaincy services in the Balga/Girrawheen area and in 2018 alone raised $3,314 through their Christmas wrapping.
Libby, Judite and Diane have been fundraising for YouthCARE for over 17 years. They started by driving down to Jarradale weekly to pick apples, weigh and pack and then deliver them to schools and churches!

Meet our new Chairman of the Board – Malcolm Potts

Where do you currently work:
I am the Senior Minister at St Philip’s in Cottesloe
What do you love most about your job?:
Seeing people do really well; I love when people fly!
Why is YouthCARE important to you?
Because it’s a place that values people, and those people are invested in seeing other people fly – especially kids! YouthCARE is hugely invested in the wellbeing of people and our Christian faith is fundamental to that.
What are you most looking forward to as the new Chair of the Board?Great ideas need a good foundation and I’m looking forward to continuing the heritage of a great foundation that the Board has laid. We might not always talk about foundations because it’s more exciting to talk about the idea but they are so needed in helping this already great organisation flourish!

Treasure Hunters training goes regional!

Earlier this year, Christian Values Education Field Officer Jo-anne Hodges travelled to Dongara and Port Denison to deliver Treasure Hunters training to a group of five new volunteers!
Treasure Hunters training is done over one day. Training
includes a Treasure Hunters simulation where volunteers experience the program first hand. They also go through the
program curriculum, volunteer expectations, professional behaviours and game ideas.
All five volunteers are now delivering Treasure Hunters in Dongara District High School.
If you or anyone you know would make a great Treasure Hunters volunteer then head to our Become a Volunteer page for more information and to apply!

Chaplain walks away from plane crash

It’s a miracle to survive a plane crash, let alone walk away with just some cuts and bruises but that’s exactly what happened to remote chaplain and pilot Paul White in January this year. Paul is well known to his YouthCARE family for founding Kingdom Aviation where he and his team fly to eight remote Aboriginal community schools each week to provide pastoral care. On 7 January he was finishing a trip across Australia when an engine failed in his Jabiru two-seater aircraft above Auburn State Forest in Queensland.
Paul has thousands of hours of flying experience and said he knew what to do to land the plane.
“I picked what I thought would be the best passage to take the wings off and uprooted a few trees initially, then the wings completely broke off. The plane did a cartwheel and stopped in the one spot,” he said.
Paul then set off an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) and emergency services arrived within 90 minutes.

“Being a man of faith and loving the Lord and a Baptist minister and full-time chaplain I naturally give all the credit to God. I look at that plane and I shouldn’t be alive,” he said. Paul says he can’t wait to get back to flying soon!

Chaplaincy Formation 2019

The second annual Chaplaincy Formation was a fantastic start to the 2019 school year!
More than 350 chaplains from across the state attended the two day conference where they were encouraged to be “salt of the earth” in their communities. The conference was held at Dreambuilders Church in Middle Swan.
Guest speakers from Trinity Theological College presented to the chaplains on day one. They worked through a bible overview, using the book ‘God’s Big Picture’ by Vaughan Roberts and interactive videos. The overview traced the story of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and encouraged chaplains as they carry out their roles in schools this year.
On day two, chaplains met in the Swan Valley with their Peer Support group to touch base with other chaplains in the same region. This was followed by chaplains meeting with their Area Chaplains to discuss and plan for the year ahead.
Formation is always a time of encouragement for our chaplains as we start the year together.