2016 Term 4 Stats Survey – Now available

The stats form for 2016 Term 4 is now available in MyCARE. You may access it thru MyCARE > Chaplain Records > Stats Form.  Kindly submit your stats on or before 30 December, Friday.

Please submit the stats form atleast one day after you submit your last pastoral record for the term so that the system can include it in the counting e.g. if the last pastoral record has been submitted on a Wednesday, you may submit the stats form on Thursday or the following days to ensure that the record will be included in the count.

Further, kindly ensure that you only enter numeric figures where applicable (i.e. 100 instead of “one hundred”) and when figures can hardly be provided, you can enter estimates instead of vague descriptions (i.e 150 instead of “whole school”). You may also opt to adjust the figures that are automatically entered, if you deem that the numbers are inaccurate. Your help in providing proper data will aid us as we conduct data analysis and reporting. Thank you for your support and understanding on this matter.

For any IT-related questions and/or concerns, kindly contact us at it@youthcare.org.au.

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YouthCARE Collie Council Dinner and Concert Fundraiser

(Note: This article is lifted from CollieMail)

YOUTHCARE’S upcoming fundraising event looks set to give Spring time a warm welcome.

The Youthcare Collie Council Dinner and Concert Fundraiser for Chaplaincy takes place on Saturday, September 17 from 6pm at the Margaretta Wilson Centre on Forrest Street. 

The event includes a two-course meal, with guests encouraged to bring their own juice and soft drinks. 

The event will also include music from band Spectrum. 

Youthcare Collie Council secretary Raewyn Jones said the event is run in full support of school chaplains across the Shire of Collie. 

“The chaplains work with the children and young people of the community, for a lot of those young people that actually see the chaplains in school they are a lifesaver,” she said. 

The group is also set to host the Father and Son’s Spit Roast in October and Carols in the Park in December. 

Tickets are available from Youthcare representatives, church pastors throughout the town and Crank ‘n’ Cycles on Steere Street.

(Note: This article is lifted from CollieMail)

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