A message from the CEO: Remembering a YouthCARE supporter

Dear Friends,

We are very grateful for the kind and generous assistance that our supporters give to the wonderful work of YouthCARE.

A large group of supporters of YouthCARE are federal and state parliamentarians from WA.  Working with other community members, they often tirelessly support the various programs offered through YouthCARE in their community.

By now you would have heard of the passing of Don Randall MP – Federal Member for Canning.  Don was a fabulous supporter and advocate for YouthCARE. 

He had great admiration for the work of all our people in his community and would make every effort to do whatever was necessary to support YouthCARE’s chaplains and our local Councils.

He passionately debated in Federal Parliament on YouthCARE’s chaplaincy service some years ago and an outcome of this can be seen in schools throughout WA.

Don always had time for me in Perth and Canberra.  We often talked about YouthCARE, and many other matters affecting the world. For him, his local community’s well-being was his number one concern.

I trust that you will join me in upholding his family and friends before God through our reflection and prayers as they mourn the loss and also celebrate his life that has made an indelible mark in his community.

We will miss him.



Stanley Jeyaraj


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