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Practical pastoral care at Eddystone PS

Every now and again we all need some extra help. 

Eddystone PS chaplain Sylvia Spatara noticed three students at her school were going through some tough times.

“We met earlier this year and my heart sank when I saw them come to school cold, with no jumpers and old shoes,” she said.

“One day while I was sharing a Drumbeat Session with one of the girls, I noticed her shoes were totally worn with the sole flapping about. Not only is this dangerous, but her socks were also wet.”

Sylvia asked her school principal if she could buy some shoes for the sisters. This started a chain reaction within the school, to help other students in a similar position.

After speaking to the manager of a local Salvos, Sylvia was given a $120 voucher to buy several pairs of shoes. He told Sylvia to come back if she needed more.

That same day, Sylvia got a call from her friend at ‘No Limits’, Janine Wood, who filled her car with clothes and school bags for the girls. Since then, Sylvia has gone back and purchased 33 pairs of shoes.

“I took the templates of all the children’s footprints with me to Salvos and measured the shoes to fit,” she said. “With this action of love, the dynamic in the school has just changed for the better. I feel so blessed to share with my families in this way."