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10 years of chaplaincy

In 2008, a Year 3 student, whose mum passed away when she was small, was referred to her school chaplain.

YouthCARE chaplain Shirley Pyrc journeyed with Michelle through her primary school years.

Shirley held a ‘Meet the High School Chaplain Morning Tea’ for graduating Year 7s heading to nearby high schools, as the transition can feel quite daunting - especially for those, like Michelle, moving into secondary education without any of their familiar peer group.

Having a personal meeting and discussion with their new high school chaplain facilitates a new support connection.  

It was there that Michelle met Dianella Secondary College chaplain Helen Hames, who has supported her through high school.

Each year at Conference Helen, provides an update on how Michelle is going and Shirley sends a little message.

This year’s update was a little different – Michelle had invited both ladies to her Year 12 Graduation Ceremony.

“It is so encouraging and rewarding to see the impact of 10 years of Chaplaincy on a young life – it was great to catch up on some of her stories,” Shirley said. “Michelle is a delightful young lady and we wish her every success in life.”   

Michelle is venturing into business studies and would like to learn and teach Auslan.

“The chaplains have always been there to support me in my emotional trials and challenges,” she said. “They always encouraged me to keep going when things got tough.”