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Hello Mr Chips

When his dog Strider passed away Swan View Senior High School chaplain Jon Jon Ramirez was devastated by the loss of his best mate. After the health of his other dog, Foxy, started to deteriorate, Jon Jon decided to get another puppy. 

Mr Chips – named because his nose “looks like it has chocolate chips on it” – is a friendly American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He regularly accompanies Jon Jon to school to meet the students.

“With permission from my Principal he comes to school most days, he has become the school’s unofficial mascot by bringing joy to everyone he meets with his cuteness,” he said.

“Students and staff love visiting him and he often provided comfort just by getting a quick cuddle. Mr Chips has opened opportunities to build relationships especially with students and staff I don’t normally interact with. Initially I was just thankful to be able to be allowed to bring him to school to help with his training to be a well socialised dog but he has become more than that. Mr Chips has been a blessing to the school community.”