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Our Services

We provide key programs to WA communities, chaplaincy services and a Christian Values Education (CVE) program.

Chaplaincy Services

This is a service for the school community provided by our chaplains. A chaplain is a highly trained and accredited person, working within a school as an accessible and approachable individual for students, teachers, and parents.

Chaplains are part of the school community and those associated with it. They conduct interactive programs to offer first hand support and practical guidance to help parents and guardians, such as YouthCARE seminars and parent and kid camps. They also work with teachers and principals to further help students and to discuss their concerns.

We pride ourselves on providing a non-judgemental service based on our core values of compassion, respect and service. Our chaplains aim to light the way by setting the best example possible for those that need them.


Some schools ask us to supplement the school curriculum with CVE services. This is separate to the chaplaincy service provided by chaplains.

Values education is provided by our trained CVE volunteers. They provide lessons to primary school students about Christian beliefs and values, as well as values that are shared in our diverse society. This helps students learn to respect themselves and those around them. It also helps them learn self-awareness and explore ethical decisions.

CVE encourages students to live up to school values and supports the Australian Curriculum, which aims for students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.